Oil & Gas

Unparalled Integrity & Execution

We are a progressive company that understands the importance of offering a service that is professional, thorough, precise, organized and timely.

By forming strong relationships with clients, landowners and industry stakeholders, Britt Land prepares the groundwork for success and excellence – today and into the future.

Proactive & Customizable

We differentiate ourselves from competitors through our proactive approach and solution-based service, which adapts to the needs of our clients. We are well known for our delivery of thorough, comprehensive client file packages and continually catering to the needs and preferences of our clients.

Strategic Planning

At Britt Land we understand the importance of working closely with our clients to create strategic plans for upcoming projects, consultation & support to land, engineering, geology, surveyors and consultation with various stakeholder groups. This strategic planning allows us to mitigate any potential impacts and maintain a proactive & innovative solution-based approach.

We have successfully attended and represented clients at numerous SRB, AER, ADR and MAB hearings.

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