We passionately promise: EASE  I  FORESIGHT  I  PEACE OF MIND

We recognize where we excel and are most effective, then lean on fantastic partners to fill in the gaps!


From planning through to reclamation we have strategic partnerships with environmental companies to provide project management and delivery of environmental services. Our streamlined approach combines the best of our knowledge in collaboration with the leaders in environmental services to ensure project deliverable and industry requirements are understood and met.

Pre-Development & Strategy                  Water & Waste Management     

Site Assessments & Surveys                   Reclamation & Remediation

Approvals & Regulatory 

Survey & Mapping

We are aligned with the best in the biz. From standard surveys to comprehensive GIS mapping, our Surveyor partners can bring value to projects of any size by providing visual insight to data collection. Mapping services take large volumes of land and stakeholder engagement data and turn it into an easy to understand visual representation. Our partners are leaders in:

             Land Surveys                                                EnviroSurvey

As-Built data                                                   LiDAR

3D Laser Scanning                                     GIS

Data Mapping                                               Drone videos

Stakeholder Software

If you're looking to enhance your internal processes by implementing new stakeholder management software, BRITT will assess your needs and provide a recommendation. 

A new software we are very excited about is Jambo! It offers great reporting and search features, is cloud based and best of all is user friendly. Contact us for an introduction to the fabulous team at Jambo, or for an assessment of your needs.

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