At BRITT, our footprint is experienced around the country and we believe our impact goes beyond the work we do. Our vision is to be the catalysts to shift from transaction to transformation. Why? To make life better for our team, our clients and our communities.

Parkinsons Awareness Walk May 2015
Parkinsons Awareness Walk May 2015
5 Days of Christmas 2015
5 Days of Christmas 2015
Adopt a Family Christmas 2014
Our Community Involvement & Charity Work

Parkinson Alberta

We are heavily involved in donating time, resources and raising awareness for Parkinson Disease with Parkinson Alberta. To date we have helped raise over $60,000 for Parkinson Alberta to help make every day better for Albertans affected by Parkinson disease.

We rise by lifting others


In 2014 we implemented our Kudos program; each month team members nominate others for living one of our core values. We track the kudos and whoever gets the most in a 6 month period gets a paid afternoon off to go volunteer and bring our values into the community.

Encourage our Women & Girls

We love to help empower others & inspire change. We focus on mentoring and encouraging people in our community & industry and new entrepreneurs, especially women.

5 days of Christmas

In 2015 we changed the way we gave back around the holidays and introduced the 5 Days of Christmas. We got involved, hands on, in our communities. Day 1: Britt Land Sleigh-mobile picked up gifts from the Seniors Secret Service and drove them to isolated seniors in Calgary Day 2: Warm Heart Deliveries of lunch bags to those in need Day 3: Purse & Sock stuffing for the Drop in Center Day 4: Women's Shelter in Grande Prairie Day 5: Britt Land Feel Good Crew hit up Stephen Ave to hand out coffee

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