• Brittney Ramsay, President

Our Core Values: What they really mean to us

At Britt Land we talk about core values…a lot. But it doesn’t stop there, we live them out on a daily basis, acknowledging when we see others on the team living them out, giving out kudos and taking them into the community. Our core values are the foundation for the decisions we make when looking at people, relationships, service, etc. They are the place we operate from and translate into the daily behaviors we want to see from our people. It is first and foremost about how we carry ourselves, choose to treat each other and then about customer centric joint performance.

Our values determine the way we do everything that involves people, both inside and outside of Britt Land. All of our core values work in unison and are equally important. We don’t sacrifice the team to make results happen or to exceed expectations. Each core value has its importance however, when they are combined, we are really living our core values, brand promise and creating the Britt Land culture. As a team we defend our culture as peaceful warriors and live it bottom up and top down…it starts and ends with each of us.

This weekend we have our Christmas party in Banff and the weather may be a little nasty (something we are fairly used to living in Calgary). Instead of people bailing on the party everyone is figuring out ways to ensure the entire team is able to get up there. Our team is so connected and aligned that people are planning cozy carpooling trips and offering to pick each other up all over the city. Seeing this connection within our team reaffirms the power our core values have to create an aligned Britt Land and makes it feel as though the bonds we are creating here really do go beyond the four walls of our office.

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