• Victoria Price

Quarterly Goal Celebration: Bowling at National

The Britt Land team took part in a striking adventure this week as we took to the lanes at National on 10th Ave (@NTNL10) to celebrate our successful completion of our Quarterly Goal.

Our goal for the previous quarter (November to January) was to receive twelve kudos from external sources. This goal really pushed us to go above and beyond and leave our clients and other industry contacts coming away with the impression that we are not only doing what we do because we have to, but because we genuinely want to. This goal challenged us to receive more than a mere “thank you,” but to achieve a form of recognition that goes past those words. There was one very clear stipulation however: Our clients were not to be made aware of our goal, therefore we weren’t able to simply ask or fish for the ever-glimmering kudos that hung in the balance. We do love a good challenge over here at Britt Land and we were successful, gaining all twelve kudos that we aimed for. These kudos came in the form of emails, phone calls and in one case, a package of pumpkin spice coffee from Starbucks!

Being able to achieve such a goal requires a team that is willing to put in the work, get their hands dirty and really make these things happen for our clients. The fact that we reached our goal indicates that the Britt Land team is not afraid to tackle any of these things with a smile on our faces and the client’s needs at the forefront of our minds.

Bowling was a fantastic experiment that further solidified that fact. Some of us are a bit more skilled than others, and some of us have our own lane-claim-to-fame (I rolled a killer game of gutter-balls and I was sore the next day,) but to see the support, positivity and unbridled encouragement transfer to a bowling alley was nothing short of amazing. It was truly rewarding to see the Britt Land team come together for some fun and frivolity as we begin tackling our new quarterly goal.

The work has been done, but there’s always more to do.

The kudos have been given, but there are always more to seek.

Above all else, we’d like to turn the game around for a moment and throw a huge kudos to our awesome clients for their ongoing support as we continue to build and maintain our relationships!

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