• Brittney Ramsay

Our Leadership Stool

To some this may look like a stool, perhaps a really cool, old reclaimed wood stool. When I look at this stool I see a reminder of the essence of our leadership at Britt Land; I see Dayna, Breanne and myself. A tripod of skills and strengths that when combined create the solid support for the rest of the team to sit on. All three legs working together, strengthening each other.

The stool is not a new concept in leadership development however the focus is generally around 3 main traits that make up the leadership stool (leadership, strategy & communication). During a cool discussion with one of my mentors it became clear to me that Dayna, Breanne and I are the stool. We each possess strengths and skills that offers balance to the other and support to our entire team.

Dayna’s leg of the stool provides clarity and process. Breanne is logical, always analyzing and solving problems. And I am the leg that brings creativity and a focus on our internal & external people. Someone once described us each as Linkedin (Dayna), Twitter (Breanne) and Facebook (me) – another analogy that works quite well for our stool. I know that I am the leg of the stool that is weaker at clearly defining a process for our operations or accounting team to follow, I appreciate Dayna and Breanne for bringing that skill. Instead of trying to be everything in all situations I am thankful to work with someone who manages that so that I can offer up my strengths and skills. And after Dayna creates the process I love to help inspire the team to believe in and follow it.

Our leadership stool is one of the cool things that makes me love my ‘job’ and the people I work with. I’m fairly certain that if other leaders don’t know about their 3 legged stool, or feel like they need one, they likely don’t know enough about themselves as a leader…and are missing out on the really cool feeling of freedom there is when you accept the strengths and skills of others to compliment your own.

We see this collaboration and support within everyone on our team. All our leaders, emerging leaders and team members offer support to the whole; they are the stretchers in the stool providing even more support to the legs and seat of Britt Land. Stretchers may seem delicate but they are strong and flexible at the same time, perfect for a stool that gives a little when you sit on it but also remains solid and firm in its support.

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