• Tammy Amstutz

The Unorthodox Play Book of Britt Land Services

In case you haven’t been able to tell by the unfolding library of unique blog posts here at brittlandblog.com, we have a different way of approaching the typical business model. We operate on a different set of rules, writing our own playbook as we go along.

Part of the new additions to our playbook include the division of external and internal job titles. This has been a recent change, unveiled our staff only today. We’ve taken an effort to not only step outside the box, but to remove the box itself while coordinating this change.

The titles which we’ve assigned to people are based on strongly exemplified characteristics, separate from their role with a strong emphasis on personality. Here are some of those examples:

  • Master of Light Bulb Moments

  • In Charge of the Big Door

  • Fairy

  • Unlicensed Esthetician & Part Time Whistler

  • Creative Director, Chief of the Cats

  • Professional Snuggler

  • Ledger Lover

  • Fan Club President

  • Chief People Herder

  • Paper Folder

  • Duster of Tall Cupboards / Steve Harvey Understudy

  • Curling Wannabee

  • Executive Duck Feather Plucker

  • Fancy Feet

  • Newest Old Maid

  • Head of Fashion

  • Professional Knitter

  • Resident Stick Man Specialist

  • Executive Food Complicator

  • Wearer of 10,000 Hats

  • Jill of All Trades

  • Chief Instigation Officer, Smart Ass Division

  • Head of Potatoes

  • Pop Music Fan Club Prez

  • _______’s Whip Cracker

  • _______’s Peon

  • Wizard of Wires

  • Professional Travel Junkie

We’re looking forward to seeing all of our staff own and grow into these unique, hand crafted and specifically designed titles.

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