• Tammy Amstutz

The Power in a Title

We all had a lot of fun yesterday for April Fools’ here in the Britt Land offices! It afforded some good laughs and wove the camaraderie that we have here a little tighter, further validating that we have a great team.

We made light of the seriousness of job titles, however there was some legitimacy to the idea. At Britt Land, as with any company, there are roles that need to be filled to operate a productive business. To successfully fill that role specific competencies and skills are required to perform the work. It’s a given and a prerequisite for putting the right person in the right seat. While the role description puts people into a box, it can be powerful to realize that each of your employees is a unique personality, bringing their own strengths and unique attributes to the job that cannot be put into a box.

There’s a great article that perfectly encapsulates this idea. As stated in the article, Apple has employees who work the Genius Bar and Starbucks has Coffee Masters. While they might be a customer service representative or a barista, giving an employee room for growth and ownership within that role by giving them an empowering title can make a drastic change.

To use an extreme example, my ‘title’ yesterday was Creative Director / Chief of the Cats. Myactual title is People & Culture Coordinator. The actual role requires creativity and humour, but also planning, organization and efficiency. Boxy words. The pride that I felt having words like “Creative”, “Director” and “Chief” in my title were empowering (even if we capped the title off with “of the Cats”). I’m a director of my communications when relaying messages to the team. I creatively plan and organize. I am a chief when it comes to my responsibilities. And I also love cats.

Embracing this idea of taking people outside of the box (or getting rid of the box altogether!) can unleash potential qualities in our team that we may never have thought to put into that role description in the first place.

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