• Victoria Price


A bar and an office are two very different things on the surface, but when you strip away desks and titles and org charts, we’re all striving for the same thing: We want to be the best we can possibly be at what we do. We want to live by our Core Values and impact our clients in such a way that they can’t help but be impressed with our commitment to mastery. Britt Land’s dedication to adhering to our Core Values was not an unfamiliar concept to me when I first stepped into my role. In fact, my first experience with the concept of Core Values occurred in a bar of all places.

I spent a year bartending at a small pub in Calgary before I joined the Britt Land team. Shortly after I started, I was visited by three gentlemen from the U.K. who were members of the English military on leave. They were polite, (reasonably) well-behaved, and spent plenty of money at the pub over the course of the week. Above all else, they were excellent conversation. I was flattered when they complimented my efficiency, demeanor and attention to detail while I worked. The valuable advice I received came from one of them and I’ll never forget it (mostly because every spare moment I had behind the bar all three of them quizzed me to make sure I remembered!)

C.M.A.D.E. (Pronounced “See-maid.”)

This stands for: Confidence, Manner, Attitude, Diligence and Enthusiasm.

These are the five qualities of an excellent barmaid, according to the soldier who passed them on to me: a bartender who can embody all five of these qualities will excel at their role, and provide the best possible service for their patrons. Take out “barmaid” and interchange it with just about anything and it’s proven to be sound advice even though I can no longer be found slinging drinks.

Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to find that Britt Land’s Core Values (100/0, Make it Happen, Positive Impact, Exceed Expectations and 1+1=3) line up almost exactly with these qualities.

I have vastly enjoyed my time at Britt Land so far. The wealth of knowledge I’ve gained and the experiences I’ve had are nothing short of fantastic. I do miss my time behind the bar every now and then, and sometimes challenges present themselves, but it’s easy to remind myself of C.M.A.D.E. and it’s easy to remember why I do what I do: I approach every challenge and hurdle with the practiced, deliberate intent of a bartender running a pub alone on a Sunday. I keep in touch with my military friend, and while he’s disappointed that I won’t be pouring him a pint of Stella this summer when he hops across the pond, he’s glad to know that he left such a positive impact during his time in Canada.

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