• Tammy Amstutz

Stampede’s Over! Now What?

That’s it! It’s over! Another year in the bag. The cowboy hat back on the shelf and the boots back in the closet. 10 days full of syrup & pancakes, lunches on the midway, afternoon drinks on a patio, rodeos, concerts, shows, and always seeming to end up at Cowboys for a late night…10 nights in a row.

Why do we do it? Because we’re proud Calgarians. For those of us in Oil & Gas, it’s because we’re also proud members of a dynamic and talented industry community.

We can’t deny that it’s really a lot of (tiring) fun, but for anyone working business development or sales – these 10 days can be some of the most valuable networking times of the year because we’re able to focus on the fun side of our relationships and put business on the back burner.

So here are a few quick tips to help make the most of the high fives, impromptu tabletop meetings, late nights, and stacks of business cards (that you mostly remember exchanging).

1. Relive the memories.

While we’d be impressed to hear you remembered every moment of your 2015 Stampede, there are surely a number of great moments that you can look back on with enthusiasm. Let the people who shared in those memories know! Send them a message – text, email, phone call. Let them know that they helped to make your Stampede this year, and thank them for it!

2. Keep the good times going.

There are undoubtedly a number of contacts who will either be a) incredibly beneficial to your business network (new business, new business contacts), or b) potential long term mentor / friend / etc.

Put these business cards on a separate pile and continue the relationship! Go for lunch, coffee, or grab some pulled pork sandwiches at The Palomino to keep the Stampede western memories alive and help further develop the relationship.

3. Run your own damage control.

Everyone has a camera. Everyone. You never know who’s taking a picture of what. While you’ve probably been on your best behaviour for the duration of Stampede, those late nights at Cowboys have a way of turning up some internet gems.

Keep an eye out! Follow up with your social media and cell phone glutton friends (who absolutely have pictures of you). It might even be worth a call for a follow up meeting and pint with “those guys over at XYZ” who you may have had a few too many Jäger shots with.

4. Take care of yourself

Even if you’re a non-drinker, it’s nearly impossible to be healthy. The breakfasts, the food on the midway, the constant eating out. Add “a few” drinks to the mix and the entire ordeal becomes an assault on our assumedly regular, healthy lives.

Brittney and Breanne’s methods for post-Stampede recovery: No alcohol days! Lots of relaxation and sleep. Maybe a cleanse? Lots of water!

Dayna uses the words “Eat, Move, Hydrate, Sleep” all year round to help remind her of the fundamentals during (and after) a busy time.

So here’s to 355 days of recovery and progress until the next great Stampede!

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