• Tammy Amstutz

Oil & Gas – it’s bigger than Alberta

It’s to be expected that now, and for the duration of the 2015 Federal Election, conversations on the economy will be intertwined with each platform’s thoughts on the oil & gas / energy sectors.

There’s no denying that Alberta will be at the heart of these conversations as the heavy weight contributor to the GDP. But the benefit of the energy industry across Canada is huge!

CAPP did a great job showcasing just how much of an impact oil sands investment can make across Canada. CERI estimates that “between 2014 & 2038 oil sands investment, re-investment and operating revenues are expected to be $3,865 billion for Canada”, with the oil sand industry projected to pay an estimated $1.5 trillion in provincial and federal taxes and provincial royalties.

Britt Land is proud to be a contributor to the energy industry, both in Alberta and across western Canada. Despite the convoluted messages that we’ll inevitably see in the coming weeks, there’s no denying the incredible positive impact that this industry has all across our country.

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