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No Meeting Mondays

The executive leadership team at Britt Land, the power house trio comprised of Brittney Ramsay, Dayna Morgan & Breanne Ramsay, have forged a new path for Britt Land in the last 18 months. Introducing a new and impactful set of Core Values, they’ve been equipping the entire team with tools for success and engagement in our individual careers, creating a more robust and sustainable company as a whole.

All of us at Britt Land are breaking down barriers of tradition and embracing this new way of thinking. (One of my favourite changes has been the introduction of internal & external titles.)

Britt, Dayna & Brea are consistently improving on the equation – reading, exploring, networking and educating. After reading about one specific concept in various articles and books such as Rework & Scaling Up, they’ve implemented the new-to-us concept of “No Meeting Mondays”.

What it is.

No Meeting Mondays is exactly what it sounds like. A day set aside with no meetings. No internal meetings, no operations meetings. Strictly no meetings. Below are thoughts from Brittney and Breanne on the implementation and execution:

Breanne: We implemented No Meeting Monday to allow us to power through various tasks that we didn’t get done the week previous or that need to be done for the current week with little distraction. Meetings can take up so much of our time and it allows us to dedicate at least 7.5 hrs to work in /on the business. It allows us to be as productive as possible for the start of the week, it also pushes for all of our meetings throughout the rest of the week to be as productive as possible. The key to this being successful is ‘mak[ing] sure this period is unbroken in order to avoid productivity-zapping interruptions’ (Rework Book, p. 105)

Why do we do it?

Brittney: It’s a concept we have read about in a few books and felt like a good initiative for us to try out as we can get bogged down in meetings and then feel like no ‘work’ gets done. On top of our daily job tasks we have 90 day action plans with specific tasks to achieve to move the company forward, in order to put time to this we wanted to have some solid work chunks…and we figured the rest of the team could try it out and see how it worked for them. Monday seemed like the best day as we can get caught up from the weekend and focus on the week ahead.

Does it work?

Brittney: I feel way more productive now! I can get a ton accomplished on Monday and am set for the rest of the week. Some of the projects I’m working on require creativity and thinking outside the box which interruptions can kill, when I get a solid hour to focus on it the results are great. I really like the flow of Mondays now, they seem like chill little days where I know I’m in the office hanging out with my Britt Land family…and can get away with a pony tail!

As with anything new getting into the rhythm the first couple of Mondays is new but we’ve been doing it for a few months now and we seem to have settled in well.

Breanne: I love it because I get so much work done on my Mondays, I almost get the equivalent amount of work done Tues-Thurs/Fri as I can get done on Monday due to therebeing no meetings. Its allows for little interruptions and you can fully get into your ‘zone’.

This initiative can be challenging if a client can only get together on a Monday, or if we have a required out of office meeting. There can always be exceptions to any circumstance. We haven’t set it in stone that we have No Meeting Mondays but it’s been a great challenge for us to try and get in the groove of doing.

As an employee who heavily relies on the entire leadership team, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the implementation of this concept within the company. I try not to request meetings on Mondays and when the whole team is operating with a common goal of “get it done / make it happen” there are some pretty awesome results.

With my own chaotic and fluid schedule throughout the weeks I’ve adapted No Meeting Mondays to my own workload needs, blocking off at least 1 full day (not necessarily Monday) with no commitments outside of my Monthly Initiatives. More often than not I’m a No Meeting Friday executer. With a heavily people-oriented role (People & Culture Coordinator / Engagement Rockstar) my door is always open for impromptu meetings. But on Fridays, when the office is quite, I plug in my favourite new album (or favourite old album, as is the case today) and plug away on my revolving-door to-do list.

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