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Consider the Following

If you’ve watched any of the Britt Land social media feeds these last few months we’d hope that you see a few themes emerging;

  • We love & live our Core Values;

  • We know our stuff;

  • We have an incredible team;

  • We have fun!

Just this morning we had an email sent from Victoria Price, our Office Coordinator / Surface Analyst (with a very appropriate internal title of The Artistic Intellect).

Between bouts of laughter, we wanted to take this opportunity to not only recognize Victoria for exemplifying our Core Values, but to appreciate what a diverse and unique team we have here at Britt Land.

(For those of you wondering, Victoria was able to secure a new mobile device.)

From: Victoria Price Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2015 9:11 AM To: Calgary Everyone Subject: Consider the Following:

I’ve been watching a LOT of Bill Nye the Science Guy lately and decided to do a science experiment of my own last night.

What I wanted to determine was the effectiveness of ordinary water and washing machine detergent on the dirt/grime buildup on the surface of an HTC One smartphone.

Materials used:

  • 1 x HTC One smartphone

  • 1 x 151.42 L top loading washing machine

  • 1 x Tide Pod

  • Assorted clothing

  • $1.50 (quarters and a loonie)

My findings are as follows:

  • The surface (glass, metal casing, trim) are all pristinely clean.

  • An electrical circuit is no longer being completed, thus the phone will not turn on.


  • Water and detergent are an effective medium for removing everyday dirt and grime from the HTC One.

  • The water aspect of this experiment almost certainly interfered with the electronic workings of this phone, however further testing will be required at a later date as a control was not set aside prior to the experiment due to poor planning.


While immediately appealing, initial results indicate that this is not a scientifically sound method of sanitization for any electronic device. Ever.

That being said: Does anyone happen to have a gently used phone that is either unlocked or with Bell that they would be willing to part with (for a price)?

Thanks for your help guys, and don’t forget:

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