• Dayna Morgan

What Customer Services Means to Us

We were incredibly excited to receive the news a few weeks ago that Britt Land is a finalist for the Calgary Chamber Small Business Week Awards in the category of Customer Service Excellence. Not only is it a huge honor to be a finalist (out of 400 applicants!) but to be in the category of Customer Service really hits home. It is a recognition that reflects the core of Britt Land. We are in the people to people business. We interact with stakeholders internally and externally all the time – clients, team members, landowners, government, third parties, regulatory bodies. We focus on delivering great customer service so we can make a positive impact, exceed expectations, and drive repeat business.

As part of the award application we were asked what sets up apart in our category. Our answer to this is the experience our clients receive when they work with us. Our competitive advantage is our culture and our people. We have great paper and processes, geographic reach, a solid foundation, etc. etc., like a lot of our competitors do. However at the end of the day our people matter most. We focus on creating and living in a culture that is fun, we treat each other like family, hold each other accountable and work really hard. We know that our clients are never going to have a better experience with Britt Land than our employees will. We treat our employees well and build up our culture which in turn empowers our employees to provide the best service and results to our clients.

We talk to our clients – constantly. We want to know their pain points, frustrations, concerns, how we can help and what we are awesome at. In an effort continue listening to the Voice of our Client and deepen our relationships with them, we continually look at new ideas for engagement. We have a company KPI that directly relates to our client service and is a measurable metric that tells us how we are doing.

Our core value of 1+1=3 means we are more than the sum of our parts; we are a community of people who work based on collaboration and cooperation. When collaborating as a team and with our clients, we are working on a shared goal. We divide the work and achieve together what we can’t achieve alone. This is the essence of teamwork and what helps us excel in customer service.

It has been fun listening to feedback from our team on what they think excellent customer service is. “Doing your best to make sure they get what they need & letting them down easy if you can’t help”… “Being committed to the customer, listening to their needs, asking the right questions to achieve results and exceed the expectations by always going above and beyond”… “we are a partner working with our clients to ensure success. For us it all starts with trust; trust between teams, with landowners and all stakeholders”.

Voting for the winner in each Small Business Week category ends October 12th.

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