• Crystal Gorjans

Comedy Hour at Britt Land Services

So, how do you show your employees how proud you are of them for meeting a Quarterly Team Goal? Why, tell their inner-most secrets to a comedian and have everyone sit through a Comedy Roast of course!

We assembled in the Britt Land Boardroom with no idea what our reward was. We were told to put on name tags, grab a plate of food and take a seat anywhere but the area designated for our “Special Guest”.

Who could it be? As we enjoyed a tasty meal from Sidewalk Citizen, ideas were swapped back and forth over who could be coming to reward us for meeting our Quarterly Team Goal for INNOVATION & EFFICIENCY (ideas to streamline processes / make life in the office easier).

There was a camera set up at the front of the office. Oh no! Could it be Santa Claus? Would we be forced to sit on his knee for photos?

Instead, we were entertained for the next 45 minutes by a comedian named Jesse DiTosto who had prepared a slide show where each and every person in the office was showcased with photos and funny stories.

There were many laughs, a few embarrassing photos and a lot of good-natured ribbing.

Of course, no one was safe and Brittney got as good as she gave when Jesse turned the tables and shared a few silly photos and stories of our President.

Rewards take on many forms at Britt Land. High fives, treat day and bowling are some of the ways we have celebrated accomplishments and encouraged everyone to do their best.

Beware Brittney! Next time, we may be a little afraid to achieve our goal :)

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