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Britt Land’s 5 Days of Christmas

In the past years Britt Land has participated in various charity events around the holidays. While we focus on giving back throughout the whole year, this holiday season we really want to create opportunities to to give back to those in need as we know times are tough right now.

This year we turned to the team and asked them how they wanted to make an impact. After a year of financial hardships for so many people, both inside our industry and out, there was a common theme emerging from the team.

Tangible, hands-on, creatively frugal with a big impact.

This inspired our 5 Days of Christmas campaign which we’ll launching next week. Britt Land will be hosting 4 events in Calgary, as well as a day for our Northern Operations team, taking 5 days to turn our focus back on the place we call home, and take some time to give back good energy to our amazing cities.

If you’re interested in being a part of any of the days below please reach out to us! Tammy Amstutz (People & Culture Coordinator) can be contacted at tammy.amstutz@brittland.com.

Britt Land Delivery Elves – 09 Dec

3 Britt Land Sleigh-mobiles, equipped with trusty co-pilots (aka Delivery Elves), will pick up gifts from the Seniors Secret Service and drive them to isolated seniors in Calgary.

Warm Hearts Deliveries – 10 Dec

We will be prepping bagged lunches, including sandwiches, granola bars, Christmas oranges & juice boxes to distribute over the lunch hour to those in need.

If you would like to sponsor additional bagged lunches all contents can be purchased for $7.50/bag.

Purse & Sock Packing – 11 Dec

We will be stuffing socks for the men in need and purses for women in need.

If you would like to sponsor additional socks or purses, all contents can be purchased for $50. We’re also looking for sponsorship for transit passes and $10 gift cards for movies, food, coffee, etc.

Northern Ops Giving Back! – 14 Dec

We’re working on something amazing! Stay tuned for the fun details for our Northern Ops offices!

Feel-Good Deliveries – 15 Dec

Find the Britt Land Feel Good Crew around Stephen Ave! We’ll be giving away hot cocoa, coffee, doughnuts, high-fives, compliments, hugs, or anything else to cheer the day for Calgarians downtown! We’ll also have a donation bin for contributions to The Drop In Centre.

Feel free to join us! We’ll be Tweeting our location the day of.

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