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Top 10 Moments of 2015

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was a year in energy that could make an industry veteran’s knees weak. We saw huge government changes, both provincial and federal. We saw civil unrest overseas and the start of the presidential election down south. We saw bottom of the barrel oil prices and a changing face of Alberta. We saw the release of the new Star Wars.

We’ve seen trends of innovation, collaboration, rugged determination and a lot of strategic planning.

All of this made for quite the year at Britt Land. To cap off an incredibly eventful year we would like to present the Top 10 Moments of 2015 at Britt Land.

10. HSE, COR & the ACSA

All three of these acronyms have been pivotal in the development of our safe work practices at Britt Land. Health & safety is a cornerstone of our operations and we hold a high standard for the conduct and policies of our team. We have taken great pride in our Certificate of Recognition (COR) certification. This year we transitioned over to Alberta Construction Safety Association. People & Culture Coordinator Tammy Amstutz is deep in the process of becoming a Peer Auditor through the ACSA to give us more tangible, hands on experience as we fine tune our program to make it more robust (and a whole lotta fun)!

9. 5 Days of Christmas

In keeping with the theme of “a year of firsts” we also changed the way we gave back to the community around the holidays and introduced the 5 Days of Christmas Campaign. We delivered gifts to Senior Citizens at a care facility in Calgary, hand delivered lunches to some hungry folks downtown, stuffed socks and purses with essentials for the DI & WINS, donated our time to setting up units at a women’s shelter in Grande Prairie and stood on the streets of Calgary sending out some good vibes (accompanied with hot cocoa and TimBits). It was amazing to see the whole team (and friends of the team!) involved for each and every day.

8. Britt Land in the Media

If you’re reading this then you’re probably already fully aware of the emphasis we’ve put on social media this year. Technically we started our social media initiatives in 2014, however in 2015 we’ve really started to see some impact. We have Twitter, we have a blog, we have LinkedIn. We have more and more people interacting with us each month – and we love it! Our viewership increased over 5 times from 2014 to 2015 and we have YOU to thank for that!

We also saw some exciting media attention throughout the year. Britt Land was featured on the cover of Business in Calgary’s March edition. We had some other exciting Business in Calgary interactions, but we’ll get to that a little further down the list.

7. Big Lebowski League Bowling

We recently implemented our Quarterly Goals & Team Celebrations. Each quarter we identify a goal and all work our butts off to make it a reality.

In January 2015 we accomplished our goal of obtaining 12 “kudos” from external sources and took to the bowling lanes to celebrate as a team. There were a lot of gutter balls and even more high-fives, laughs and smiles as we came together to celebrate a job well done.

Honourable Mention: Brittney’s invitation to the event was a pivotal moment. This is the moment that Brittney Ramsay discovered memes and the use of them in her company emails.

6. The Office Roast & Toast

We were on a winning streak this year with our Quarterly Goals! Smashing our Innovation & Efficiency goal out of the park meant it was time for another team celebration. Brittney shared all the dirt she had on us with a “mysterious guest” who ended up being the comical genius, Jesse DiTosto. While we all had some great laughs at each other’s’ expense we also had some amazing team camaraderie (and another meme from Brittney).

5. Our Super Culture

When it comes to culture at Britt Land we’ve made a lot of changes in the last year. With a strong emphasis on strategic planning and team development we have cultivated an engaged, rewarding employee culture. Early in the year we introduced the concept of adding internal titles for each of our team members. Check out our blog post for some of our favourite throw-aways!

We’ve also partnered with some great people and organizations who we’d like to take a moment to recognize. Marc Lavoie with On Purpose Training, who has made a strong impact on each and every employee he’s come in contact with.

Brad Gaulin with Results Canada has been working with our leadership team over the two years to aid in the development of our long and short term strategies.

We also want to thank our amazing team. Our culture would be nothing without the most important component – all of you!

4. Parkinson’s, Tulips and Surprises

When coworkers feel more like family than team members, the family at the centre of all this have done so much for all of us here. We took some time to give back to the Ramsay family this year and raise awareness for Parkinson’s by heading out on the town handing out fliers and red tulips and taking donations for the Parkinson’s Alberta.

There were tears and laughter and, again, so much camaraderie as we all gave back to a cause near and dear to the Britt Land family.

3. Rising Stars Shine Bright at Britt Land

We’ve seen our share of media attention throughout this year, and as we close out the top 3 Britt Land moments of 2015 we want to focus on some incredible successes of the two women at the helm of the ship.

Dayna Morgan has been at Britt Land since 1999 and she has become the power-house of Britt Land in these last 16 years. It came as no surprise when Dayna was selected as the Oil Week 2015 Rising Star. Based on her work at Britt Land we see many more accolades in her future.

2. Business in Calgary Leader

To follow up her YWE Award at the end of 2014, Brittney was hot out of the gates for 2015. With the Business in Calgary feature under her belt, she was selected as a 2015 Calgary Leader Award winner!

1. 2015 SBWYYC Customer Service Award Winner!

We’ve shaken things up this year, both inside our industry and out, but our proudest, most exciting moment of the last year would have to be the entire experience we had with Small Business Week and the Calgary Chamber.

We were so honoured to have been nominated for the Small Business Week Calgary Customer Service category. When our name was called and we took the stage to accept the award we knew this moment was a reflection of each individual team member and added another unforgettable moment to 2015 at Britt Land.

We hope you enjoyed our 2015 recap! We’re wishing all of you as our friends and family to have a very safe and happy holiday season. We’re excited to ring in 2016 with you and can’t wait for the good times ahead!

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