• Brittney Ramsay

Hello 2016! Positive, Bold & Innovative

My focus for 2016 is to be positive, innovative, and bold.

I talked about the power of positivity and intention in my Positive Intention = Positive Outcome post and the influence of this still rings true for me today. It can get overwhelming with the bombardment of negativity, speculation, and sad news that is coming at us from all angles: things are tough out there. I want to keep fun, laughter, and happiness within the walls of Britt Land, my head and heart. This takes concerted effort and focus.

Positivity for me in 2016 involves talking about the cool things we are working on and people we are working with, the small victories within our team, and milestones exceeded for our clients. There is some fear, but instead of cowering I will use that fear to propel me forward to tackle the next obstacle.

To bring my focus back to positivity at the end of each day I write down 3 things that happened during the day which I’m thankful for and make me happy. Today that includes; an extra-long early morning cuddle with my pup, delicious peanut butter toast, and a weekend away with girlfriends. I know that I own what I create and I create what I focus on. When I stop living in next week, month or a year down the road and focus on the present -this exact moment- I can see a clearer path and use the tools I have and people around me to make the next move.

Innovation motivates me. One of the cool things about my job (it really is so much more than that,) is the great lessons (aka: mistakes) that I have been exposed to and the continual learning every day. Reflecting on those experiences has allowed me to see patterns and opportunities for growth. Each day there is a drive to push myself harder; to do one thing every day that exceeds my expectations. It is a fundamental belief that has become rooted in the soul of my being and I bring that to work with our team. The tough stuff we are going through right now is forcing us to take a look at what we’re doing and how we can do it better: A bittersweet opportunity. Are we doing the right things? Are we bringing the right value? How can our relationships get deeper? It doesn’t necessarily mean recreating the wheel, rather one little tweak that makes a positive impact; a pivot that changes things for the better for our team and our clients. We have some cool discussions and ideas brewing here and we are looking forward to executing on them.

Be bold. Challenge the norms and push the boundaries, especially self-constructed ones. We will not be playing by the typical book. This is our chance to shine, be different, and we are going to take it. Stay tuned…

We’ll continue to build on the momentum and excitement of 2015 and come out on the other side stronger, more effective with deeper connections than before. Join us in taking charge of 2016 and turning it into another year of growth and opportunities where we are the writers in control of the direction, destinies, and adventures that our stories lead us to.

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