• Brittney Ramsay

Positive Intention = Positive Outcome

One of the fundamental beliefs I hold is “what you think you create”. It’s integral to how I live my life, cultivate relationships, and show up daily at work. I wasn’t born with this belief, it is something I focused on and created within myself, and it’s proven to be one of the most powerful things for me. I recently re-watched the TED Talk “The Happy Secret to Better Work”. It proved to be the right time for this little refresher – the volatility in the energy sector was an unwelcomed Christmas gift. Shawn Achor suggests some tips that I decided to put into action during this tumultuous time. My gratitude journal now has 14 days’ worth of entries with at least 3 things I am grateful for each day, daily meditations have resumed, and time for personal reflection and growth has taken front stage again.

I know that my belief will continue to be put to the test. The cyclical nature of the energy market and land sector is something we know all too well. It really is a part of the game. Even though we have experienced it before and know we will make it out on the other side, the fear of going through it again can be crippling – if you let it. As I see it there are 2 choices I have to make at this juncture. Make decisions and lead Britt Land from a place of love and positive intentions or, fear. I can choose what my brain focuses on, and I choose positivity. I choose the unlimited potential of positive beliefs, intentions, and actions to guide our decisions and ultimately the outcomes.

Instead of allowing fear to be the lens through which I lead Britt Land and live my life, I focus daily on a positive mindset. Well, I did have to focus daily on it around the end of the year, now it simply is how my mind is processing information and making decisions. I wake up in the morning and feel empowered and in control, instead of an overwhelming sense of fear, gloom and despair – which I woke up with more often than not in the 2009-2010 recession. I know that through this challenge the lessons learned and outcomes achieved will make us better than before. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, I know there are going to be hard choices to make and some strain along the way, but I am saying that in a state of positivity I feel equipped and empowered, not vulnerable and weak. I know this challenge will make us stronger, more connected to each other and our clients, will allow us to prove our value to them and ultimately differentiate ourselves as a company and team. It’s an opportunity for growth.

The clarity around choosing positive intentions and a positive mindset is freeing, it is also responsible for my personal and professional growth and success this far. I know I can achieve what I set my mind to, and right now that focus is around positive intentions that will create positive outcomes. This is the promise that I make to myself, my family, our clients and ultimately our team as we navigate through this beautiful storm.

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