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The Architect Thinking Series

We were excited to have our second Friends of BRITT blog contribution from the folks over at Davignon Martin Architecture + Interior Design.

Richard Davignon founded Davignon Martin Architecture + Interior Design in 2001. His vast industry experience, which encompasses residential housing, the hospitality industry, and corporate and educational facilities, reflects the diversity of his talent. Among his personal achievements, Richard was recognized as one of Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40, has earned the American Institute of Architects’ Award of Excellence, and a mention of excellence from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. In addition to his practice, he is a frequent guest critic for Studio Level courses at the University of Calgary and was a member of the Canada Council for the Arts jury which selected the 2011 Professional Prix de Rome in Architecture.

The Architecture Thinking Series

It happened again and immediately my perception changed. I found myself immersed and captivated. I had no previous idea, yet it made perfect sense. The complexity in thought sharply contrasted the simplistic result, but the transformation was profound. Every now and then one gets to witness, or should I say recognize, a creative process; a way of thinking that mimics our own beliefs. We recognize in the maniacal pursuit, the building blocks that will ultimately form the art echoes our own reflections and obsessions. To design, or rather the manner in which one pursues design, is ultimately influenced by myriad stimuli: current preferences, trends, technology, social constructs and most importantly, the physical and cognitive tools at our disposal. In short, design is predominately about the things and methods in which we engage to achieve a final result. These influences time stamp architecture and reflect the ideology and technology of its inception. Often, architects discuss the influence that painting, sculpture or music have on their work, but it works both ways and the opposite is also true. It is especially fascinating when we are surprised by the similarities in the process of another artistic discipline. The parallel manner in which other forms of creativity get expressed which mimic our own. Architecture thinking, if I may suggest. Read more about Richard's reflection on the architectural composition of guitar riffs in the documentary "It Might Get Loud", and the parallel it makes with architectural thought on the blog. Richard Davignon, Principal, Architect Davignon Martin Architecture + Interior Design

We've Been Noticing

Thanks to a recent inter-office email from intern architect Sherry Lawrence, we've all noticed and have been appreciating this gem of a gallery, recently opened in New York City. Why has it become such an object of fascination for us? Not only is it justifiably simple and effortlessly modest, but it's nestled into an unusual space - beneath the High Line rail park. The Lisson Gallery New York opened to the public on May 3rd, 2016, featuring the art of Carmen Herrera. You can find the details on their website here, and check out the project on Arch Daily here. Ellysa Evans, Jr. Interior Designer Davignon Martin Architecture + Interior Design

17th Ave Retail & Entertainment District

Davignon Martin Architecture + Interior Design was recently featured as part of a 17th Ave publication. We are proud to call 17th Avenue home, even if we technically face 16th Ave! Check out the article to find out what we love most about being part of the community.

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