• Tammy Amstutz

Brittney Ramsay - Words for Generation Next

In the face of a changing energy climate (and a changing Calgary), BRITT Land & Engagement has taken it in stride. And we aren't the only ones.

In an inspiring and encouraging culmination of some of the city’s top leaders & entrepreneurs, Calgary Chamber of Commerce has released Dear Calgary: Letters to the Next Generation of Leaders. The book features words of advice from Nenshi, Hayley Wickenheiser, Louis Mitchell, Paul Brandt, W. Brett Wilson, and dozens of other influential Calgarian leaders. With a strong focus on resilience and determination, Dear Calgary is already making an impact in our city.

Featured on the cover of Calgary’s Monday Metro paper, we got an inside look at the letter Brittney Ramsay (President, BRITT Land & Engagement) wrote for the “Generation Next” chapter of Dear Calgary. With words of inspiration to up-and-coming female leaders in a male dominated industry, she encourages female leaders to be bold, and to be ourselves. “Being bold has allowed me to be vulnerable in order to create real connections.”

Check out the article here. And if you're a subscriber to the Daily Oil Bulletin you can check out the article there as well!

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