• Brittney Ramsay

A Year After BRITT's Small Business Week Win

It has been an inspiring, challenging and rewarding year since our 2015 SBWYYC win. We thought it would be fun to reflect on what’s happened since then…lots of it can be attributed to the win being a catalyst for us.

Today we often refer to it feeling as though we are living in parallel worlds. Calgary is in a recession and we feel the impacts; revenue is down, clients are putting projects on hold, and we can feel the fear and negativity permeating throughout downtown Calgary. However, inside our BRITT walls we are experiencing strong morale, a tight aligned team and driving our strong culture. We are landing new clients, building stronger relationships with our current clients and seeing new opportunities. It feels like an exciting time for growth.

We rode the exhilaration of our SBWYYC win wave for months after hearing the Oscars style announcement that we were winners in our category, Customer Service Excellence. This is by far one of the coolest things that has happened for us to date. And the best part is that every single person at BRITT made an impact on winning this award and we won it as a team, and then we celebrated as a team that night and for days after.

Since then we have rebranded (with a new name, website and strategic direction; Land & Engagement), had a blast doing a flash mob at the Global Petroleum Show, diversified our services & knowledge, focused on internal training to grow our intellectual capital and are in the middle of upgrading our systems and tools. We also celebrated our Land Operations Manager, Kim Bloomfield, winning an OilWeek Rising Star award for 2016. Dayna was nominated for an entrepreneur award through AWE and we were both nominated for an EY Entrepreneur of the year award.

Through our rewarding relationship and membership with the Calgary Chamber we have attended great speaker series, spoken on panels and are connecting with other businesses and leaders throughout Calgary. I was asked to write a letter for the Dear Calgary book put out by the Calgary Chamber to celebrate their 125th Anniversary. Which landed me in my first live radio discussion on Calgary Eyeopener and a last minute cover story in Metro News! How cool?! If you haven’t already checked the book out, do it. It’s full of inspiring letters and lessons from Calgary’s leaders to the next generation.

We are excited to congratulate and celebrate with the 2016 SBWYYC winners. We know they are in for an exciting ride! And we look forward to continuing on our path of creating clarity and making a positive impact. When we take a second to step back and reflect on the past year all the tough decisions, unknown paths and exciting opportunities spur us on to continue pushing boundaries and growing BRITT. We love our team and clients, the next year is ours to take a hold of.


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