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5 Days of Christmas 2016

Can you believe we've entered the the last 2 months of 2016!? November has arrived, and if the rest of 2016 has been any indicator, we're going to be celebrating the holidays in no time at all.

Last year the BRITT team got together and celebrated our inaugural 5 Days of Christmas campaign. The entire team got on board, including our Northern Ops team!

Well, we're excited to announce the 2nd installment of BRITT's 5 Days of Christmas: 2016 edition.

We will be dedicating the week of 12 Dec to the 5 Days campaign, with one event each day. We'd love to invite any and all to come get involved with the 5 days! And don't forget to follow us on Twitter for all our updates!

Adopt-A-Family 12 Dec (MONDAY)

Many of you may have heard that CUPS, a prominent charitable organization in Calgary, was unable to facilitate the Adopt-A-Family program this year. There have been a number of people reaching out to fill this gap during the holiday season. We'll be adopting a Calgary family and are waiting to hear the final details.

If you're interested in participating, please send an email to Tammy Amstutz to be included in all future updates!

Feel Good Crew 13 Dec (TUESDAY)

We’re going to hit the streets with coffee, cocoa, goodies and a bunch of feelin’ good comments for the YYC community. Last year was a huge hit – we got to stop and chat with tons of people, and spent an hour seeing nothin’ but smiles and high fives. Feel free to join us on Stephen Ave! We'll be tweeting our location the day of.

Brown Bag Lunches 15 Dec (WEDNESDAY)

We’re going to take a boxes of brown bagged lunches and deliver them to those in need around Calgary. Please see information below if you're interested in sponsoring lunches. Also please feel free to join us on the day of to hand deliver the handmade lunches.

Sock & Purse Stuffing 14 Dec (THURSDAY)

We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of gifts last year. The list of needed items is very similar this year, and we’re hoping the early announcement of our 5 Days of Christmas campaign will give all time to contribute.

We’re hoping to do 5 for each organization, or more if there are enough donations!

Needs List: Calgary DI

  • Razors

  • Shaving cream

  • Towels, new & used

  • Underwear

Needs List: WINS

  • Purses

  • Socks & underwear

  • Accessories

  • Feminine supplies

Items for both

  • Nail care (fingernail clippers, emery boards, etc.)

  • Transit passes

  • Travel sized toiletries

  • Lip balm

  • Travel sized tissues

  • Gift cards ($10 – coffee, Shoppers, etc.)

  • Earplugs

Northern Ops Gives Back!

Our northern ops team got together with with others in the community to provide Christmas presents to seniors in FSJ that have no family.

If you are an organization or friend of BRITT who would like to sponsor any of our days please email People & Culture Coordinator, Tammy Amstutz! Sponsor prices are as follows:

Adopt A Family:

$40 for a gift

Feel Good Crew

$20 for a coffee / cocoa carafe

$10 for goodies

Sock / Purse

$75 to cover the costs of all contents

Please feel free to donate any of the requested contents. Email Tammy to obtain an updated needs list.

Brown Bag Lunches

$7.50 for the cost of all lunch supplies, per bag.

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