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Britt & Kim's BRITT Milestones

We are excited to be celebrating the 10 year anniversaries of two of our leading ladies, Brittney and Kim!

Kim first joined BRITT as a surface land administrator. When first interviewing Kim, she jumped out to us as a high achiever, her desire to learn, grow and exceed expectations was apparent from the moment she joined our team. Her ability to work with clients and handle a variety of projects allowed her to quickly move into a project coordination role. Kim is a natural leader, she is able to empower and encourage everyone on our team. Kim took on a leadership position as a Supervisor, and now as our Land Operations Manager she is an instrumental part in the success of BRITT and our clients. Kim drives results, is a bold and unconventional leader, and courageously runs into the fire.

Brittney's 10 years with the company is a bit of a false statement as she has been entrenched in BRITT her entire life. Brittney is truly a part of BRITT, and BRITT is a part of her. When Brittney officially joined the BRITT family she jumped into Business Development. Her desire to understand client’s needs and create deep and genuine relationships was apparent from the beginning. Brittney still loves to build relationships with our clients and talk about the BRITT story whenever she gets the opportunity to share. Brittney is an impactful and unique leader; she thrives in the realm of pushing the boundaries in our industry. She is respected for her vulnerability, inspiring vision, ability to build trust and break down walls. She is truly a builder of our vision and a warrior protecting our culture and purpose.

Our entire BRITT family has grown and become more than we ever knew we could with Kim and Britt's leadership and support. Congratulations on this milestone!

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