• Dione McGuinness

A New Year...A New Engagement Strategy

The new year is underway, and with it the launch of new ideas, goals and commitments. Many of us celebrate the new year looking to refresh and refocus areas of our lives. If you think about it, doesn't it make good sense to apply this approach to our work?

In the world of Stakeholder and Indigenous engagement, the past year was filled with significant changes. For businesses to thrive in the world of public participation (P2), it’s critical to keep abreast of trends and events that have the potential to impact your business, and position your company to manage these effectively. Some of the questions you may want to reflect on include:

  • What engagement approaches worked? What didn’t?

  • Who are the stakeholders we engaged? Who do we need to engage this year?

  • What were the top issues of 2017 among your stakeholders? What do you expect they will be concerned with in 2018?

  • What initiatives are underway that may impact the way we engage our stakeholders?

  • What regulatory changes can we expect?

  • What legal and political trends are emerging?

Sound overwhelming? Let the engagement team at BRITT help you with the legwork. We can work directly with your engagement and project teams to develop strategies to manage non-technical risk. Experienced engagement staff will lead your team through exercises to help you achieve your desired outcomes by:

  • Mapping stakeholders and Indigenous communities

  • Identifying and ranking top issues

  • Understanding regulatory, legal and environmental trends

  • Developing strategic priorities and action plans to address risks

  • Writing communications plans to support engagement

Interested to hear more? Contact us at info@brittland.com today, or check out our website at www.brittland.com

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