• Crystal Gorjans

CROWN Timelines - What do they mean?

The current timelines for processing Public Lands Act applications is 30 business days for standard applications and 45 days for non-standard. These timelines have been in place for awhile and can be found in the AER Bulletin 2014-25.

Previously, approvals could be seen turned around in as little as a week but, as I’m sure many have noticed, turnaround seems to be taking longer and longer.

So. What the heck?

There is a process where Public Lands Act applications are posted to the AER website for public review for 30 calendar days. At one time the review of the application and the posting on the online system were done at the same time and if the application was approved, the disposition approval would be sent prior to the 30-day calendar posting being complete. Now, however, no approvals will be issued until at least the 30-day public review period has lapsed. Which makes sense, no point issuing a disposition approval if there is the possibility of an objection coming because the 30-day public notification period hasn’t lapsed.

To find an application, go to the AER Application Process, and along the right side of the screen is VIEW AN APPLICATION. Click on Access the public notice of applications tool. From there, applications can be searched by lands, company, application number or keyword.

What does that mean?

Simply, Public Lands Act applications are going to take longer to have decisions made. It is best to keep this in mind when planning projects on public lands. Make sure your project is kicked off early enough to meet timelines for construction.

As well, the Aboriginal Consultation Unit (ACU) has caught up from their previous backlog. The ACU posts fairly current timelines on the top of their page.

There is the current date at the top and underneath is the date ACU is reviewing Pre-consultation Assessment Requests as well as the date they are reviewing Adequacy Assessments.

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