• Dione McGuinness

Update: Alberta Indigenous Relations Proposed Métis Consultation Policy

On Friday, October 26th, BRITT Land & Engagement participated in an industry video conference, hosted by the Alberta Consultation Office and Ministry of Indigenous Relations. During the webinar, presenters shared an update on the proposed Métis Consultation Policy.

Highlights from the presentation and Q&A included:

  • ACO will be implementing its Métis Consultation policy, and expect approval of their Standards in late 2018 - the decision on whom to consult will be made after this date (aiming for mid-2019)

  • Standards create a practical way to make decisions of which Métis to consult

  • The province is considering the 5 regional communities in central and northern Alberta (Southern Alberta will not be included)

  • The province is NOT considering consultation with all Métis organizations, but instead will be requiring industry to consult with a single point of contact per region; there will be one single point of contact for each region, and one record of consultation per region

  • Indigenous Relations is working with the Métis Nation of Alberta to discuss how consultation could operate at a regional scale, and how Métis locals would be included

  • Current timelines should not be impacted, however it will increase the workload for companies

  • Procedural aspects will remain the same

  • Some Métis Locals do not agree with the regional approach; currently they are expected to conform to MNA process but they may try to make a case for consultation – this remains an unknown at this point

  • Consultation with industry is ongoing, and the ACO is accepting comments from industry until November 15, 2018, at the following address: mcpdevelopment@gov.ab.ca

The full presentation is found here.

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