Brittney Ramsay

President & CEO + 

Vision Blazer


Brittney leads with a bold and unconventional vision. She’s always full of new ideas and is fulfilled when she can contribute to a cause and make an impact for our team, clients and communities. She is a personal growth seeker and has an unquenchable thirst for learning and lives in a state of curiosity.

Brittney's wholehearted leadership focuses on inspiring hearts and challenging minds. She shares stories, creates connections and works endlessly to build our brand equity. She has a passion for working with emerging leaders both in and outside of BRITT.


On the weekends she loves heading to the mountains with her husband and son.

Dayna Morgan

COO + Innovation Designer 


Dayna is a connector, bridging the gaps between people, process and ideas. She oversees business operations, making our company's vision a reality. As a continuous learner with a fascination on innovation, she is always looking for ways to do and be better. 

Dayna’s tenure with our organization (since 1999) allows her to pull from on-the-ground experiences to mentor our team and clients. She focuses on strategic business development, value-add innovation and refining process and systems.


Outside of BRITT, Dayna has a passion for gender equity and empowering women in leadership. She is constantly enjoying a run, in a rink or travelling and proudly wears the hat of ‘mompreneur’ raising two boys.

Breanne Ramsay

CFO + Business Improvement Architect

Breanne grew up innovating and creating new projects that would flourish into her next small business. Her methodology is work hard, play hard and will not rest until she completes a task and delivers the desired result – she is a pure solutionist. 

Breanne has a passion for leadership growth, strategy and numbers, especially those involved with BRITT's cash. Breanne is an active board member of Family Enterprise Exchange (FEX) with a desire to connect and empower enterprising families throughout Canada.   

When she isn’t focused internally on operations, she keeps busy going on an epic adventure in the back country with her soon to be husband, and hanging out  with Boone her GSP.

Kim Bloomfield

VP, Operations  + 

Results Driver


Kim is a natural leader with an adventurous spirit. She was born into an entrepreneurial world, helping her parents with their family business from a young age. Kim loves working with evolving goals and deadlines. This provides her the ability to work under pressure, find smart solutions and meet tight deadlines.


Her unique personality and encouraging leadership style allow her to see and utilize the individual strengths of our team, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones, face challenges and excel.


When she is not here with her BRITT family you will be sure to find her outdoors with her hubby and son by her side – from playing in their garden, hanging at the beach or sitting at 12,000 vertical feet taking in the mountain views.

Kyle Dinsmore

Manager, Projects + Sr Land Agent, SRWA

Kyle has an innovative, methodical and strategic mind that can see potential in every situation. His knowledge of large-scale project management, and expertise in complex projects from gas plants to power lines and pipeline infrastructure, provides clients with a well-rounded asset!


Kyle has a passion for connecting with people. Whether mentoring team members or meeting with stakeholders and clients, he is eager to lend an ear and share from his expertise. Kyle is dedicated to continuous education and holds his SR/WA designation.  

Outside of BRITT Kyle spends time with his growing family, usually around a body of water, or travelling. He is a tinkerer at heart and loves to work on anything with a motor; any excuse to bring out tools!

Dione McGuinness

Manager, Engagement + 

Connection Catalyst

Dione is an engagement pro, passionate about creating connections between clients and their stakeholders.  With nearly 20 years of background in communications, stakeholder relations, social risk mitigation and project management she's guided the development of strategies to bring lasting value for all parties.

She has also served on various industry committees as a communications and engagement advisor, she has designed and delivered custom engagement and Indigenous relations training for teams.


When not out sparking conversations, Dione can be found playing with her two fur-babies, combing local farmer’s markets and hosting long dinner parties for friends and family.

Brent Sakamoto

Team Coach +

Manager, Internal Operations


Brent loves to help our people grow.  He is a natural coach, with a passion for mentoring and teaching.


His unique style (both in fashion and leadership) helps push our team outside of their comfort zones and helps them face challenges head on by running into the fire.


He works closely with the Operations team ensuring workload is managed and our project deadlines are exceeded. His key focus is on the development of BRITT's team through our culture and Land mentorship.

When not here at BRITT, Brent loves vacationing at the lake or in Hawaii, hanging out with his wife and daughters or playing Hockey.

Ray Ramsay

Founder + 

Village Mason

Ray started BRITT in 1986 with the drive to be his own boss and make a difference in the lives of his employees & clients.

His entrepreneurial, positive and driven leadership laid the foundation for the growth, purpose and culture BRITT thrives on. And his steadfast belief in the BRITT team spurred them through any challenge or obstacle.

In 2011 Ray handed over the reins of BRITT to Brittney, Dayna, Breanne and the team. He loves that he can now focus on being an influential mentor.

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